Well started thing is half finished

The Art Of Web Design

The Internet is the best medium to increase the visibility of your company to your customers and those of your competitors. This is good because we are experts in the development, realization and launch of small or large websites. Our primary goal is to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

A website is not a simple brochure on the web, it is the main tool of your strategy and presence on the Internet. But even more so, it could be the focal point of almost every activity in your business, be it sales, marketing, human resources or any other area you have not even thought of. Let us show you how the Internet can not only bring you big but can also save you a small fortune in operating costs.



1-You will contact us and one of our project managers will discuss with you your project and your objectives and advise you on the best steps to follow. A free estimate will be prepared in which all the tasks to be carried out will be clearly detailed.

2-You provide us with all the documents that we will need for the creation of your website. We will need the texts, photos, logo, and others. Of course, if you wish we can create your logo, write your texts, and take care of the photos or videos if necessary.

3-We start working as soon as we have all the elements in hand. If necessary, we create a customer portal on our server so that you can follow the work done at all stages. You can test your website and inform us if you want to make changes at any time.

4-Once the work is complete, we transfer your website to your server. We make sure it is well referenced on Google and well linked to your social networking accounts. Check out our social media page for more details. That's how easy it is to work with Jade Media. No be surprised if you start talking to us about all your friends and colleagues..